About us

With a broad education in biology combined with the experience from the strategy-consultant Askus, Petter Hedberg founded the consultancy company Petter Hedberg Ekologkonsult in the autumn of 2005. At this time he published the book "Förändringens vindar - en bok om vårt nya klimat" (The winds of change - a book about our new climate), and held educations on the effect of climate change on infrastructure and biological diversity.

In the fall of 2008 Petter Hedberg started his PhD-studies at the Department of Plant Ecology and Environmental Protection at the University of Warsaw. His research focused on which factors that affect the outcome of ecological restorations. In 2010 Hedberg published the review-paper "New nature by sowing? The current state of species introduction in grassland restoration, and the road ahead". The review-paper was an analysis of which restoration methods in grassland and wetland restorations were most effective. In January 2014 the paper was ranked as the 4th most cited paper in the Journal of Nature Conservation during the last 5 years. This success was followed up by together with Dr. Kotowski planning and carrying out the at that time largest peatland restoration by top-soil removal that had been conducted. The vegetation development at the restoration site was monitored and analyzed by Hedberg who analyzed what the outcome was, and what functional factors were important for weather a species established or failed to establish at the restoration site. At the same time Hedberg monitored and analyzed 3 peatland restorations in Sweden, where the functional difference between species that established successfully and species that established poorly was analyzed.

The research resulted in 4 publications in highly ranked scientific journals, and an award for distinguished young scientists. In March 2014 Hedberg defended his thesis with the title "The use of functional traits as a tool in evaluating restorations of peatlands".

At the same time the consultancy company became incorporated, and Hedberg Ekologkonsult AB was born. Today Hedberg Ekologkonsult AB provides cutting-edge technology in ecological restoration and conducts environmental monitoring as well as water analysis for clients. Apart from this we provide professional training and carry out environmental assessments for our clients.

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